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Environmentally Preferred Purchasing

Environmentally preferable purchasing refers to the procurement of goods and services that have a reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing goods and services serving the same purpose. 

We have the opportunity and obligation to be environmentally and energy conscious in our selection and use of needed products and services.  Products and services that minimize natural resources used, reduce waste, improve recycled content, substitute bio-based products, demonstrate energy efficiency, and improve water conservation, are all preferred procurement attributes. 

Customers, retailers, and trade are increasingly interested in understanding what goes into the process of winemaking.  Knowing and communicating information about the relative beneficial environmental attributes of the products or services we purchase and use in the production of wine, is vital to sustaining our winery businesses. 

Winerywise provides evaluation tools to help you identify, plan, and implement sustainable procurement practices. 

  • Assessing current procurement practices
  • Implementing preferable procurement attributes
  • Vendor selection and service contracts
  • Procurement practices and employee training
  • Developing further sustainable procurement practices

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